The Research Group on Intellectual History of Modern Politics (Languages, concepts and discourses) focusses on two main areas of research:

  1. Analysis of the principal languages and political concepts of the modern world, with particular emphasis on the age of revolutions.
  2. Methodological bases for the historical study of concepts, metaphors and political rhetoric, and for the study of constitutional language in the contemporary world.

These two areas of research and training take the form of a series of courses, seminars and publications, including several reference works in conceptual history focussed on the Spanish, European and Latin American context, especially during the period of liberal revolutions and independence.

To this end, we worked in a coordinated manner with various transnational groups and research networks to which we belong, such as Iberconceptos, the HPSCG (History of Political and Social Concepts Group) and European Conceptual History Project (ECHP).The two aforementioned main lines of research do not however embrace the full range of interests of the group members, interests which include a diversity of historico-poltical, sociological and legal-constitutional questions.